Real Talk: Somewhere Along The Way I Stopped Loving Myself

Emotional eating.


Binge eating.


Anxiety or fear around food.


You are not alone in this.


Please know, it’s not your fault. We are currently in an epidemic of emotional eating and fad dieting. And in my opinion, it’s because of two key reasons. The first, is the pressure we are feeling to be perfect – we constantly see images on social media of the perfect life, the perfect meal, the perfect outfit – this is not real, and it’s easy to forget that. Secondly, the amount of mixed messages about health being thrown our way – whether it’s the latest fad diet or new research on coconut oil – it’s causing us to be confused and overwhelmed.


This often triggers us to have a complex relationship with food.


I’ve been thinking so much lately about how we have to reconnect to ourselves in order to foster a better relationship with food.


I’m not a self-love preacher, but I honestly believe that a good relationship with yourself is the most important part of the healthy life.


For most of my teenage life I had a really broken relationship with myself and my body. There was no such thing as self love for me back then. I didn’t feel good enough. I would use food as a way to control this lack of self love and pain. The moment I made the commitment to start reconnecting to myself, to rebuilding my self worth and dedicating time to self care, my relationship with food started repairing too.


So, if you are someone who is suffering with fad dieting, emotional eating or feeling anxious around meal time… The first place to start is by reconnecting to your body. To come back within. Therapy, yoga, solitude, stillness, boundaries with technology, removing comparison from social media – are all great ways to start!


It does take time. But start today. I’m here for you!


I talk about how to reconnect to your beautiful body in depth in my 8 week Program. Click here to find out more!

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