Real Talk: Why I’m switching off from JSHealth for the next few weeks. I’ll miss you! 

Everyday I wake up feeling grateful for my job. Truly. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel absolutely lucky to do what I do. I wake up and get to turn my passion into work. It’s rare.


But as per my last blog post about what’s been happening at JSHealth, it’s been a lot. A lot of pressure. A lot of non stop. More staff coming into JSHealth has been amazing, helping to support all of the 2017 projects on the go, but it also means managing more people which I’ve realised can be so challenging.


It looks like 2017 is a very huge and pivotal time for JSHealth and I want you guys – my community – to feel more inspired than ever to live a healthier life.

I have my second book and online program coming in February 2017 which I’ll be doing a national and international book tour for that. And we are in the midst of creating a food range and nutritional formula range – which has been a very amazing but also a challenging experience.


Basically it’s been the most successful year for JSHealth growth wise but I know in my heart 2017 will be even bigger.


And I’m not sure I can go into 2017 with the energy I need unless I pull right back.


It was actually my darling mom who said to me one day this week – “Jess it’s too much – you need to disconnect from it all for a bit”. I knew in my heart she was spot on. Social media and an online presence is very full time – and very emotionally draining.


So I want to try and disconnect from it for a few weeks. So next year I can give JSHealth my absolute ALL.


You guys  know I practice what I preach. I really do believe in balance and putting up boundaries. I switch my phone off by 7pm every evening because social media affects my sleep anytime after that – I’m dedicated to boundaries! Only way to live a wholesome balanced life.


So I have scheduled in some blog posts for the month of December but I will be going a little quiet on JSHealth (social media) from the 20th December for 3-4 weeks – I’ll miss you!


I also want to have time to reflect on what Book 2 means to me and how incredible the JSHealth community has become – you guys!


I thank you from the deepest part of me for continually supporting me and my journey. You all amaze me. I love connecting with you online but also hope to meet you in real person next year during the book 2 tour 🙂 !



J xx


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