Relax, Nourish And Thrive on the JSHealth Program

In my 8-week online Program I teach you how to relax your body, de-stress your mind and nourish yourself inside and out. I’ve seen these principles work time and time again to help people get lasting results and truly thrive. Just like these people on the JSHealth Program.


“I started your program 3 weeks ago and I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has changed my life. The anxiety and guilt I had around food before I found this was ludicrous. I was always told that to lose weight I needed to stop eating , but this proves it wrong. Completely and utterly. As a trained chef myself I must say your meals are truly delicious and well thought out.”


“I can’t get over how much of a difference balanced meals and snacks have on my overall mood and energy!”


“I am loving the program! The best part for me is how light my head and my heart feel. I don’t beat myself up about what I eat or how I look. I eat mindfully and with happiness. I view my body with love and admiration. I have become so aware of negativity around food and self-image that I catch myself when a negative spiral starts, and turn the situation around in my mind by reassuring myself that my body can process the food that I am eating, that I make the best decisions to nourish and fuel my body, and that I am beautiful and blessed. It’s truly an amazing thing you have done for me. Thank you!”


“Feeling so much more relaxed and thriving on your delicious recipes. That 4 pm snack has replaced my after school habit of eating the candy I buy as rewards for my kids.”


“I began this journey struggling greatly with my relationship with food. Even throughout the program there were times where I felt myself fall back into binging habits. But last week (week7) was life changing. I became organised. I started being more mindful and actively practicing all the amazing ‘love yourself’ tips that Jess has given and for the first time in what feels like the longest time it has clicked. I am truly beginning to love myself again and this program has showed me that needs to happen from the inside out!”


J x

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