Self-Love Is A Work In Progress


Truth time. It’s not easy for me to admit it, but I still can’t wear a bikini to the beach with 100% confidence and comfort.

I had someone negatively comment on my stomach when I was a little girl that I think scarred me (I speak about this story in book 3). Since then, it’s been hard to truly love it, despite putting so much time and energy into all things self-love.

That’s why I always say – please avoid commenting on children’s body shapes and sizes. Think about the language you are using when talking to others and also when talking to yourself.

I also want you to know that it is unrealistic to feel good and confident about every single body part. Remove this expectation – it’s probably adding even more pressure to your body love journey. The goal is to feel good and confident in your body most of the time and to love your body as a whole. We all have days where we feel a little less comfortable in our skin. We all have parts of our body, that we don’t always feel comfortable with. That’s ok.

When I am having one of these days, I find deleting social media, having more ‘me time’, a swim in the ocean, time in nature, practicing yoga and eating nourishing wholefoods are things that can help me to feel better. Try to be kinder towards yourself wherever possible.

Body love takes time. Everyday it gets easier and easier my loves.

Jess xx

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