Should you add these things to your nighttime bed routine?

I talk a lot about establishing a morning routine for good health, but I believe how you end your day is just as important. And if there’s one time of day I’ve noticed that my clients struggle the most, it’s in the evening.

And it makes sense. We’re tired after a long day dealing with work, family and all our obligations. Healthy habits may be the furthest thing from our minds!

Since we’re often stressed about everything that’s going on, it’s easy to turn to food, television and other things that help us numb out. And while food and television aren’t bad things, we often abuse them because we’re avoiding other things in our life.

The stress, guilt, frustration and even anger that results from all of this creates a health disaster in the body.

And that’s why I think it’s essential to set up a healthy nighttime bed routine. Not only will it help you reduce stress, it will help you to get more quality sleep. You know I recommend 8 hours a night!

The body needs ample time to rest and repair each night. But when we get that second wind at night, we’re what I call “tired but wired.” We try to do more, and this is the exact opposite of what our body needs.

These are my top tips to make the most of your nighttime routine for a great night’s sleep:

  • Prepare a wholesome dinner. It does not need to be fancy. Keep it simple – think protein and greens. I’ve got some incredible but easy-to-prepare recipes in my book, The Healthy Life.
  • Savour your meal. Eat it slowly and mindfully, enjoying the time with family.
  • Switch off electronics at least an hour before bed. This includes your phone!
  • If you find yourself heading to the fridge, ask if it’s out of actual hunger – or just boredom or habit. If you’re not hungry, allow your body to digest and remember that you have an entire day of food coming tomorrow.
  • Make a cup of herbal tea – I love to make my healthy chai latte: Bengal Spice tea or rooibos chai with warm almond milk, cinnamon and stevia. Yum!
  • Take a bath in essential oils and Epsom salt – this will relax your muscles and your mind.
  • Read a great book. This can help slow you down and prepare your body for rest.
  • Put your legs up the wall for 10 minutes while deep belly breathing. This is incredible for the nervous system!

I realize that not all of these things are realistic every evening – but try incorporating a few of them to create a nighttime routine that makes sense for you. I promise you’ll notice the difference!

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