Sporteluxe feature: Is exercising less the secret to weight loss?


Oh, this is always a hot topic! I’ve touched on this a few times, and I’m sharing my thoughts on less exercise for weight loss with Sporteluxe. What do you think? Have you given it a try?  I find more and more that people are getting on board with this concept, and I’d love your feedback.

Is exercising less the secret to weight loss?


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  • Louise

    Hi Jess,
    I just read this article. I completely agree with you about losing weight much easier by getting enough sleep, doing some moderate exercise and doing a lot of recuperative activities like yoga and stretching. Not only for losing weight however, but just for feeling your absolute best. I note that you didn’t feel this way and weren’t going about weight loss in this way when you were seeing a dietitian. As a dietitian-in-training myself, I really hope that you weren’t completely put off dietitians or that readers are now turned off. I want to assure you that not all of us (dietitians that is) see weight loss and health as simple as energy in, energy out. Sure, technically this is correct, but there are so many more things that affect both of these elements than what that saying suggests. I hope I can be an understanding and holistic practitioner like yourself when I graduate, but I hope my title won’t turn people off. Keep up the great articles, I thoroughly enjoy your work. 🙂



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