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Stressed and Exhausted Adrenals – How to Nourish Them Back to Life!

31 March 2015
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So you may be asking your self – what the heck are adrenals?

Adrenals –  a.k.a. STRESS hormones – are responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response. (So when you’re in danger, that kicks in). As you all know, I am the biggest advocator of rest, which is the polar opposite to stress! So, here are my top tips to nourish your stressed and exhausted adrenals!

  • Put less pressure on yourself – in all areas of your life. Repeat after me: I am good enough. I approve of myself
  • Less exercise – I have harped on about this in my eBook so much but I believe too much exercise can cause the body to go into a stress response (hello cortisol) which causes inflammation and sometimes weight gain. And can also exhaust the adrenals. So moderate mounts is good. 30 minutes a day is enough. And enjoy restorative exercise such as yoga or brisk walking in nature. Enjoy a rest day every week too. Don’t feel guilty – it’s the healthiest.
  • Learn to say NO – to social arrangements especially. Take care of you first and good friends will understand
  • Cut back on caffeine – you know my 1x/day rule. No more than 1x/coffee a day and careful with black tea- try and swap for herbal teas – especially after 3pm
  • More rest – schedule it in. the JSHealth SFZ – STRESS FREE ZONE. You must commit to 10-30 minutes to be away for your phone/emails/demands – just try. I can hear the excuses already but this is life changing and elevates your health to new levels
  • Take your vitamins and herbs. Vitamin C is the best nutrient for your adrenal glands and I recommend about 2g/day. Also a good B complex can be beneficial. Herbs are incredible for your adrenals and I advise you go and see a naturopath for this.  Herbs I love for my own adrenals are: Rhemania, Withania, Ginseng and Licorice. I use Metagenics Adaptan or Withania Complex by Mediherb
  • More sleep – 8 hours always!
  • Start practicing yoga and meditation – or just choose one. Go slowly. 1x/week is a good start.

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