Testimonial 16

I have had a negative guilt-ridden relationship with food my whole adult life. From the minute I finished The Clean Life I haven’t touched gluten, sugar or processed food and I haven’t missed any of it at all! This book is an amazing tool for anyone who has challenges with food and/or their body. Best of all… it makes healthy living so easy, and delicious! The Clean Life is not about a long list of ‘can’t haves’ or depriving yourself, it’s simply easy to understand and easy to follow guidelines for building a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices. Jessica Sepel is unbelievably open and honest about her own health journey which makes her so believable and easy to relate to. She is generous with her knowledge and yummy recipes and her passion for helping people live a clean life shines through every page. I can’t wait to buy a hard copy of this beautiful book, I refer to it on a daily basis and want to share it with everyone I know.

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