Testimonial 8

what I love about#JSHealth… Jessica Sepel has been a huge source of inspiration for me as I have reformed my outlook on nutrition, food, relationships and life. She has taught me to appreciate balance, to indulge well and to, most importantly, listen to what my body is asking of me. While my lifestyle has never been extraordinarily unhealthy, small changes have had incredible impact on my life. Rest is my new best friend, I set aside hours where I do not touch social media, I am accepting of where I’m at in terms of fitness, size and health and I have a realistic idea of how I will move forwards in those areas without depriving myself of anything else. these changes have allowed me to be, thanks to Jess, so much happier with myself and my life and a far stronger member of my family and friend to others as the result. I ADORE Jess and her work for hers is a practical, personal and realistic approach to guiding us as individuals towards better health in all areas of our lives. Thank you a million times over beautiful lady for all you and your work has given me and so many others! A true ray of sunshine.

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