Testimonial 9

I love how Jessica illustrates health as a lifelong journey. It is not a fad, it is not a temporary fix, and it is not something you do to promote being “skinny”. You define health as a commitment to your well being and happiness. Too often society places an emphasis on physical appearance, ignoring mental health as important; happiness goes beyond a thin stature and thigh gap. I read about you meeting your fiance at a time when you placed value on partying and socializing. I remember most your description of being unhappy and waking up feeling tired and dissatisfied with the day. I understand and know that feeling; it’s miserable. Though I have changed my ways, @jshealth is a positive outlet and encourages me to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. Happiness is not a destination, it is what we find in the positive decisions we make each day. @the_goodness_project – Her honesty and authenticity about her own journey is refreshing. She inspires me everyday to put my health first and make the time in my busy schedule to look after myself. Expect great things from this incredible babe @JSHealth

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