The Best Solutions for Emotional Eating

We blame binges and emotional eating on all the emotional factors in our lives. We are sad, happy, lonely or excited – and so we turn to food. But binges are triggered from an initial deprivation game – which leads to a vicious cycle of habit. We need to understand the physiological and behavioral causes of a binge rather and then determine what will work best for us as individuals to end the cycle. These are the best ways I’ve found to stop emotional eating.

Give up dieting, restricting and deprivation. Restricting your food intake puts your body into starvation mode, plain and simple. Binges and emotional eating often begins as a result of rebelling against starvation. See my recent blog post about diets and why they simply don’t work. So what do you do instead?

Give yourself permission to have food. When you truly are hungry, ask yourself: what do you really need? What are you really hungry for in that moment? This takes practice, but you’ll be amazed at how wise you really are – and what information you’ll get just from listening to your body.

Commit to a wholefood diet that includes plenty of balance. Do not cloud your eating experience with negative thoughts like “This is a bad food” or “I should not be eating this.” Your body manifests those thoughts into bodily stress. Please, be at peace with your plate. “Perfect” does not exist.

Turn to The Healthy Life, for life.

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