The Great Water Debate: Filtered vs. Unfiltered

It’s no secret that I believe hydration is one of the keys to good health. I make it a priority to drink 2 liters of water a day, no matter how busy my schedule is. In fact, I carry around a bottle of water with me everywhere I go as a reminder – even when I’m at home. And what makes this so much easier is my Zip HydroTap. It allows me to have clean, purified water without a bulky filtration system in my refrigerator or buying wasteful bottles. I simply fill my reusable glass bottle with the HydroTap In my kitchen and I’m set.

Some argue that classic, unfiltered water straight from a conventional tap is perfectly acceptable. This is one area where I just can’t agree. In making my overall health a priority, I learned quickly that a good water filter is a non-negotiable. Here’s why:

It reduces bacteria. Filtration is a must to prevent harmful bacteria and parasites from invading your system. There are more than 2,000 known contaminates that can be present in drinking water. Yuck! While municipal filters take care of some of this for us, a filter in your own kitchen provides extra protection to keep you and your family healthy.

Think organic. Yes, water is a huge source of pesticides. They dissolve in water and easily infiltrate our water supply. If you’re buying organic produce to cut down on exposure to pesticides, you certainly don’t want to turn around and wash it with contaminated water. Filtered water should always be used for cleaning produce and preparing food.

It gets the lead out. Lead is toxic when ingested, and unfortunately it can seep into our water from old plumbing. It’s especially important that pregnant women and young children drink filtered water to avoid exposure to lead, which can cause severe birth defects and development issues.

Less plastic. This should be obvious, but over time the cost of bottled water really adds up! The investment of an at-home water filtration system means you can protect both your wallet and the environment from unnecessary bottles. In fact, my Zip HydroTap works out to only $4.74 per week – a tiny fraction of the cost of bottles. Plus, you’re reducing your exposure to BPA and other nasties that can be found in plastic. It’s a no-brainer!

It tastes better. And often smells better, too! By removing certain minerals, plus chlorine (which municipals often use to disinfect the supply), your water will taste more clean and pure than what comes from a normal tap. This translates not only to what you drink out of a glass, but also to what you use when cooking, baking, making tea…you get the idea.



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  • Ellie

    Hi Jessica! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for those who live in rental properties and can’t change the taps? Would a bottle with a filter inside be a good alternative? Thanks so much!
    Ellie xx

    • Hey Ellie! Yes a water bottle with an inbuilt filter is a great option, there are so many good ones on the market these days! Good luck!



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