The JSHealth Nutrition App Is Now Available On Android!

We are beyond excited to announce that the JSHealth Nutrition app is now available to download on android!

Our team have worked incredibly hard on this project and we are so happy it is now live.

To celebrate the release of android, we are having a launch sale – 20% off for all new users. This sale also applies to new iOS users!

So, here is a quick rundown of what the JSHealth Nutrition app is all about:

Nourishing Recipes

  • 350+ Nutritionist designed recipes
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options to cater for everyone
  • Weekly cooking videos – learn to cook step-by-step with me as your guide

Shopping List

  • Customizable shopping list
  • Automatically gathers ingredients for your favourite recipes or use the JSHealth shopping list!

Health Clinic

  • Text a qualified nutritionist anytime, anywhere
  • Access 50+ guides bursting with practical tips on stress, anxiety, sleep, digestion, sugar cravings, weight balance + more

Daily Meal Plan

  • The JSHealth meal plan is designed to support stable energy, weight balance and it’s also delicious – no more unsustainable diet plans!
  • Use our ‘Build-A-Meal’ guide when you are out on the go
  • Select recipes from our extensive catalogue to create a personalised weekly menu to suit you

Body Love Support

  • Access guides to build a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Body love meditation audios, weekly exercises and more of my personal story

Daily Planner

  • Learn to plan a JSHealth day
  • Develop healthy routines
  • Keep yourself motivated to live the healthy life


The JSHealth App is designed for anyone who’s ever struggled with their weight, diet or health and could benefit from a health coach. Say goodbye to counting calories, restricting food intake and over exercising. The JSHealth App will help you to quit fad dieting for life, teach you to cook quick and easy meals, achieve your health and wellness goals with ease and find body love for life. We’re here to support your journey and help you discover how easy healthy living can be.

The 20% off sale runs for 2 weeks so don’t miss out! You can download the app here! 

Love Jess xx

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