The Keys You Need to Build a Bridal Exercise Regime

Many brides to be will put immense pressure on themselves to exercise like crazy.

But from my personal and professional experience, I believe we should be exercising moderately. Less is truly more. I know how damaging over-exercise and the associated stress can be for a woman – physically and emotionally.

I suggest 30 minutes of cardio exercise per day is enough and I always suggest having one rest day. I’m also taking this opportunity to try new styles of exercise – I love yoga, pilates, ballet barre and, more recently, weight training.

Weight training is great because resistance training, when done correctly, increase your muscle mass and your speed up your metabolism; as muscle requires more energy (even in resting state) than fat.

Last week I was invited to Fitness First to try out their new gym, which they’ve re-vamped to include a range of classes with group fitness options. I am personally a fan of group exercise, as it helps me to stay motivated when I’m in the class; and also to be guided by an instructor so I make the most out of my workout. So to have access to workouts that allow me to incorporate weight training in a group environment is really beneficial.


I also did their BioAge test – which assessed metabolic, lifestyle and physical factors to compare my biological age to my chronological age. Usually my exercise regime incorporates a brisk walk with a friend or an after dinner walk with Dean, my fiancé and some of the other activities I mentioned earlier (ballet barre is my current favourite).

As you know, I also eat a wholefoods diet so I was interested that my BioAge came back the same as my chronological age!

To find more information about Fitness First and what they offer, or try them out for free, visit the Fitness First website: and download a free trial pass


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