Why You Need ‘The Program’ in Your Life

‘The Program’ is for anyone who’s ever struggled to find balance with food and their weight. It’s for those who have tried dieting to no avail, and those who have gotten caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating. It’s also for people who are doing all the ‘right’ things, but not seeing a difference. Lastly, The Program is ideal for anyone who wants to embrace healthy living – whether they’ve dipped their toes into the health world or not. In other words, it’s great for beginners as well as the already health-conscious – because we all have to start somewhere.


This program will help you to:

  • To be on the path to reaching optimal health.
  • To feel like you can sustain and maintain your new healthy habits.
  • To feel in control of food.
  • To be on your way to healing your relationship with food and your body.
  • To feel at ease and at peace with your body.
  • To have a restorative and energising sleep each night.
  • To be able to eat foods with moderation – without bingeing or overeating.
  • To find your balanced weight, one you can maintain in the long-term.
  • To feel less guilt/fear/anxiety around food.
  • To have an abundance of energy and vitality to live your best life.


A note about weight loss: This program is designed to help you to reach your best and most balanced weight. Weight loss is a result of a healthy life. Week 7 goes in depth on weight balancing, but the principles in each week focus on restoring your entire body, which will in turn allow it to reach its optimal weight. For example, gut health, sleep, stress, thyroid health and blood sugar balance are directly linked to weight loss. On the other hand, dieting makes weight loss much more difficult in the long-term, which is why I do not advocate it. Instead, I focus on helping you to figure out an eating plan that suits your individual needs. And if you are underweight, the program will help you to connect to your body again and build a healthier relationship with food.



Sign ups start on the 12th of February 2017 – diarise it :


xx Jess.

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