The Secret to a Healthy LA Morning Routine

I have come to LA for various work meetings, PR, book launch plans, networking and to experience all of the healthy hot spots in LA – for personal inspiration. It’s no secret that I love LA and am manifesting it to be my home for at least half the year. Dean (my fiancé) comes in and out of the USA for his job too, so it works perfectly.

I am staying in a cute little apartment in Beverly Hills and I am walking distance to all of the shops, gyms and cafes here.

Although I am working here, my daily structure is all over the place! I don’t have my normal Sydney morning health routine. And I believe a morning routine is essential to healthy living.

I usually start meetings by 10am and then I attend to blogging needs the rest of the day. I’m currently writing a travel e-book, which is exciting! Blogging, emailing and e-book writing takes up so much of my time, but I am fortunate that I can work anywhere form the world.

While I’m here, I typically wake up around 7:30 and drink a big glass of water. I walk about 10 or 20 minutes to my morning workout, which is either: Yoga Flow at Equinox Beverly Hills OR Soul Cycle (the best experience ever) OR Natural Pilates OR a hike in Runyon Canyon.


On my way to work out I grab a coffee at Aharon Coffee – the best coffee in LA, I believe!

After my morning workout I enjoy a smoothie, acai bowl or juice from Kreation Juice – the best juice/smoothie spot ever! I also love their tonics, which I’ll often have before my juice. Otherwise, I head home for a quick breakfast – usually Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, raw protein, berries and banana – quick and easy!

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If I have more time, I love to go to The Farm of Beverly Hills for a veggie omelet with salad.

Then I begin my meetings for the day!

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  • I love it when you share post like these. It’s so inspiring! Thank you :))



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