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The Top Healthy Lunches in LA You Must Try

08 June 2015
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I am so lucky to be able to experience the healthy dining scene in Los Angeles – it is truly world class! These are have been my favourites so far – if ever you’re in LA, I highly recommend them.

Cecconi’s – they do one of the most delicious green cauliflower side dishes ever. I adore their pesto salmon, too, and they are known for their great side salads.

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Gracias Madre – I almost always come here more than once whenever I’m in town. Incredibly fresh, healthy and innovative plant based Mexican food. Their have incredible tacos and dips, and their salads are out of this world!


La Scala- is where you’ll find the best chopped salads. Personally, I love the turkey chopped salad.

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Zinque- is great for when you’re looking for a big healthy salad bowl.

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sweetgreen – the cleanest and greenest you can get in LA, in my opinion. You can actually build your own salad. I had a salmon salad yesterday, added just about all the veggies they have available, topped it with miso ginger dressing, and it was amazing!


Hugo’s is my go-to for an easy, healthy dinner when I’ve been on the run all day. The kelp noodle salad, turkey burger and curried cauliflower are all delicious.

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Erewhon- is the best of the best health stores and cafés in the world, I believe! Their Brussels sprouts, cauliflower salad, shaved kale and Brussels salad and salmon salad are some of my favourite options there. They do the greatest juice tonics and elixirs too!


You also have to try Crosby Tailor’s healthy ice cream when in town. A must.

Whatever location you choose to try, you must take a few minutes to sit at the juice bar and enjoy the amazing health vibes. Can you tell I love LA?

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