Top 10 Sleeping Tips

By now many of you know what my number one health MUST is…less stress, more REST!

Taking the time to rest and recuperate will do wonders for your day- to-day life. This is because it recharges you at a cellular level. It will refresh you so you can complete tasks, and allows you to approach your relationships and health with more vigour and energy. If you’re a business whiz, think about it this way: because it makes you more efficient, productive and happy, rest offers the best return on investment!

Here are my Top 10 Tips for getting 8 hours of sleep each night:

1. Switch all technology off by 9pm! TV, phones, computers – everything!  The electromagnetic waves mess with our pineal gland that is responsible for making the sleep hormone

2. No caffeinated tea after 3pm – only herbal

3. Listen to calming meditation practice/relaxing music before bed

4. Avoid bright lights

5. 20 diaphragm breathes before bed/ deep belly breathing!

6. Drink a cup of warm milk, pinch of salt and cinnamon before bed time. This is am amazing sleep tonic.

7. Enjoy a warm bath with epsom salts. The magnesium in the epsom salts is great for relaxation. The heat also induces sleep!

8. I enjoy a glass of magnesium at night. 500-800mg before bed (your health store can recommend a good brand)

9. Dab lavender oil on temples and pillow

10. I keep a note pad next to my bed incase a thought or a ‘to-do’ thing pops up. I write it down and it relives any anxiety.
Enjoy a calm and restful sleep!
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