Top 5 toning exercises to do as a bride-to-be

As any regular JSHealth reader knows, I believe less is more when it comes to exercise. Too much takes a major toll on your body, and the added stress is the last thing a bride-to-be needs during such a busy time! So many women burn themselves out in rigorously structured pre-wedding fitness regimes, and I can tell you that it’s not necessary. There are simple (and even fun!) ways to move your body and tone up for your wedding at the same time. These are my top 5 toning exercises to do as a bride-to-be:

Weight training. I talked a bit about my weight training experiences in a recent post. It’s great because, when done correctly, it increases your muscle mass, speeds up your metabolism, and is a sure fire way to tone up for your wedding day.

Pilates. A long-time favourite to tone up and, just as importantly, to improve core strength, posture and balance. Whether you’re working on an apparatus or taking a mat class, the carefully executed movements will help elongate and strengthen your body.

Ballet barre. I just adore these classes! They are fun but intense, with lots of reps and small, isolated movements to really sculpt lean muscle mass. As with many of exercises, you get the added bonus of an automatic core workout while you move. I love channeling my inner ballerina!

Jogging. I encourage a good cardio workout once a week to get the heart benefits, increased muscle mass as well as a change of pace. I like to pop in my headphones and take a quick 30 minute jog out in nature.

Yoga. This is my standby – I have a regular yoga practice and I know that it has had a huge impact on both my mind and body. And both of these are important for a bride-to-be! I enjoy Vinyasa flow, but choose the style you prefer to create your own regular yoga habit. No Bridezillas here!

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