How To Transform Your Thoughts Around Food

I always say, “Light thoughts, light body”. When I have guilty, anxious or stressful thoughts or dialogue around food, I feel physically and mentally heavier. When I replace those words with ones of joy, zero guilt and flexibility, my mind and body feel lighter and more energetic.

Also, when you give yourself permission to indulge mindfully and with joy, you’ll find that overeating or binge eating on ‘treats’ starts to dissolve. When you tell yourself you shouldn’t have certain foods, those exact foods start to haunt your dreams. This can lead may people to develop emotional complexity around food. You start to think about it in an unhealthy way, which isn’t healthy. Remember that there’s no such thing as perfect eating.

So, let go of phrases such as: “good food”, “bad food” and the “diet starts tomorrow”. Instead, focus on making healthy choices and swaps as much as possible and change the way you speak about your food and your body. Once you do that, you’ll experience a better, more balanced relationship with food.

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