My Two-Week Standing Desk Challenge

JSHealth has become a full-time business where I find myself to be in a corporate work environment; sitting at my desk for long hours, trying to get through my to-do list and endless emails – you too?


I’m very passionate about a healthy work environment – always offering my community tips and lifestyle adjustments that can better their everyday work life. But sitting at your desk for long hours sometimes cannot be avoided – I totally get you. In fact, we spent a third of our lives at work, sitting in front of a screen.

I heard about VARIDESK through some friends a couple of months ago and thought I had to try it in my own everyday life so I decided to take part in their two-week ‘Keep Moving’ standing desk challenge.


Initially, when I received the VARIDESK ProPlus 36 White, I was hesitant to leave my comfortable chair but I sometimes get a bit of a brain fog and energy slump at about 3pm so I was interested to see if standing at my desk, using the VARIDESK, would give me some extra energy and brain power to keep working throughout the afternoon.


In the mornings, I made sure that I stood at the VARIDESK to take calls and answer my morning emails. In the afternoon, when my energy started to decrease, I would get back up and stand at the desk. I love how I was able to adjust the desk to meet my eye level, where my elbows can rest.


I actually found that when I was standing at my desk I was a lot more productive, focused and energised to get through my work.


What I liked about the VARIDESK:

  • You can sit or stand – I actually really enjoyed sitting with the VARIDESK because it’s raised off my desk itself so supports my neck and back (and I’m quite prone to neck and lower back issues). It’s also super comfortable sitting or standing because you can lean on your elbows. The desk comes with a black mat to offer extra support under the feet too.
  • The quality of materials – I love that it’s white, it’s aesthetically beautiful and it’s incredibly well-made.
  • I loved how productive I was early in the morning and afternoon when I was using the VARIDESK – I felt more focused and didn’t suffer from that same afternoon energy slump.
  • It encouraged me to be more active while standing.
  • It’s versatile so you can adjust the height to suit your body type.
  • It was so easy to set up – arriving fully assembled.


I just genuinely felt more active in my work life – I had more energy, I digested my meals better and had much better mental clarity.


To find out more or order your own, visit:!

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