The JSHealth Program Upgrade + Our Biggest Sale EVER!

To my amazing JSHealth Program community,


Firstly, I just want to say I am so proud of you. The transformations happening on this program are incredible, and hard for me to fathom – they’re truly amazing.


I’ve been in the health and wellness space for quite some time now and I’ve never witnessed these kinds of changes: to bodies, minds and lifestyles. The JSHealth Program is becoming a movement. It’s showing people there is a more balanced and realistic way to achieve a healthy life and body – without resorting to extremes.


This Program digs deep. It’s not just another health and nutrition program. It’s changing attitudes and the way people view health, which is the key to long-lasting results and physical transformation.


Now, onto the best part – The JSHealth Program has been upgraded and we’re celebrating with the biggest sale EVER with a 30% discount i.e. $45 OFF!


This is your chance to take the first step to a healthier, more balanced life and I sincerely hope this discount gives you all the opportunity to take this step. I am here for you – let’s do this!


If you’re waiting for a sign to start the Program… THIS IS IT!


We’ve been listening closely and we’ve amended the Program to be even better based on your feedback.


For those of you who have already bought the Program and completed the 8 weeks, don’t worry – you will have access to the upgrades, too!


  • I’ve reviewed and simplified Prep Week. It has the same juicy content; it’s just laid out a bit differently so it is manageable and easy to implement. You will feel 100% organised and supported for the weeks ahead.
  • I’ve created a new, amazing Meal Plan! The Meal Plan has been upgraded – it’s simpler, clearer and contains JSHealth recipes to support the meal options you’ve been provided with. It makes healthy eating an easy – and delicious – decision! It also has mindful eating tips and practical exercises that I personally do every day. At the end of the Meal Plan, you’ll find a Weekly Menu Planner. This will help you to map out your meal and organise your healthy eating for the week. I truly believe this new Meal Plan is life-changing. It’s what I, and thousands of others, have followed for years, and I’m excited for you to jump on board.
  • I’ve updated the shopping list. The new shopping list is designed to make life easier! It’s simpler and goes hand-in-hand with the new Meal Plan and Weekly Menu Planner.
  • I’ve explained the differences between each guide. On the Program, I’ve included a few guides – the JSHealth Eating Guide, the Meal Plan and Meal Support. You only need to use the ones that apply to you. On the right sidebar, you’ll find a box called ‘Difference Between Guides’. The info in that will help you to understand and navigate the best resources to use for your journey.


And that’s it! I’m so happy with these changes and I think they will improve the experience and the results from this Program.


Already completed the Program? I encourage you to do it again, and see for yourself what the new changes are all about!!!


If you’re confused by anything, please email and we will support you. We are 100% here for you!


For only $2.36 a day, SIGN ME UP NOW!




“In the past I’ve had terrible cramping, bad mood swings, bloating and migraines for 7-10 days before my periods started. It’s ALL GONE! If only I could have done the JSHealth Program 37 years ago I wouldn’t have had to put up with these symptoms for so many years!”


“What happened during these 8 weeks is that I started believing I was actually worth something. It was such a powerful moment for me and a big eye opener.”


“Since discovering the JSHealth Program my whole outlook on food, eating and life has changed completely for the better. I can finally relax now that the stress and pressure of eating and losing weight is over. I’ve never been happier, more relaxed and happy with myself. I enjoy my food. My mind is happy. My skin is clear and glowing. I love my body. Thank you so much Jess, your knowledge, approach and guide to food and life has been truly life changing and I share your name whenever and to who ever I possibly can!”


“I’ve just finished the 8 weeks and to anyone who is starting and doubting or hesitating to be a part of the Program… DON’T! This Program has changed my life, my wellbeing and has stopped my bad weight gain spiral.”


“I weighed myself on the start of the 8-week Program & again when I finished 2 weeks ago. In 8 weeks I lost over 2kg just by eating all the recipes in her books!”


“I’m starting Prep Week today and I have to congratulate you on the changes and updates – so so good! It’s so clean and easy to understand. I love how this Program focuses on loving yourself and not feeling guilty when things aren’t perfect! Excited and cautiously optimistic”


“The positive outcomes from this Program I have experienced are: increased energy, clearer skin, comfortable fitting clothes, lessened PMT symptoms after experimenting with eliminating dairy (can’t wait for my next cycle to see how that one is!), accepting that I am who I am and that I don’t need to be perfect. I am still a work in progress but I have come so far. Jess, you are a wonderful human being and I am so grateful for what you have created!”




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