Weight-ing on the Mind

Weight has become the biggest concern for women around the world. From what I have seen, learnt and experienced myself, women identify themselves by their weight. Many of us see eating as a form of control over our lives. We use food to ‘escape’ or make us feel better. But it’s not food we are hungry for. It’s other things. Uncovering exactly what it is we’re trying to fix/control/eat our way out of is the first step to achieving a healthy weight that we are happy with.

It’s time to end the battle with your body. To nourish it instead of starving it. To let go of whatever is holding you back from being your happiest, healthiest self. To start feeling great about yourself. If you can do that, you will find your optimal weight.

In my book, The Healthy Life, I explore all the ways you can do just that – and I share my own story about weight.

I truly believe negative self-talk is more harmful to our health than any food choice. It’s a silent stress but luckily, it can be reversed through the power of positive thinking. We all doubt ourselves from time to time – it’s how we move past it that matters. Here’s what I do:

  • I focus on a part of my body that I DO like. I look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, my legs are looking fab today – I’m so lucky to have them!’
  •  I remind myself that those negative thoughts are from my inner mean girl – and she doesn’t deserve my time or energy.
  • I think about all of my good and incredibly healthy practices. I thank myself for taking care of my body most of the time.
  •  I remind myself that my body is unique and I stop comparing.
  •  I tell myself I am enough.
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