Wellness Inspiration: Promise or Pay’s Jay Boolkin

I am always so inspired by people who manifest dreams into a reality by starting their own business. And I was especially impressed by the way Jay Boolkin of Promise or Pay managed to combine motivation and self-improvement while helping others at the same time. I’m excited for you to meet him – and encourage you to try out this new way to support your manifestations.

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NAME: Jay Boolkin

OCCUPATION: Founder at Promise or Pay

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do and how you got here:

I like to think I am genuine, humble, inquisitive and determined, someone who is always looking for ways to make a difference and generally just be a nice dude. I get inspired by small actions that have the power to bring about big change and love engaging with like-minded people who give more to the world than they take.

I am the founder of Promise or Pay, a social motivation platform that helps you stick to your goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive. Without a doubt the most common promises that people are making on promiseorpay.com are around positive health and lifestyle changes.

What does “health” mean to you?

To me, health means good laughs, deep sleeps, and positive thoughts. It means living in the present, having a relaxed feeling of connectedness, being fuelled by nutritious food, and enjoying life free of illness.

What brings balance to your life?

I am most balanced when I am inspired, being challenged and doing something that is meaningful (based on my personal values). When I’m little out of balance I like to slow down and foster a genuine feeling of gratitude – for my good luck, freedom, health, friends and family, which allow me to the opportunity to live the way I want.

Can you share your food philosophy?

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years but I’m definitely not a finicky, health-conscious one. I don’t tally if I’ve had enough grains for my iron, milk for my calcium, or eggs to supplement my protein. I simply try to eat fresh, non-processed quality food as much as possible. And I feel pretty good most of the time – I’m in shape, I sleep well, I don’t get tried and I rarely get sick.

What is your favourite way to stay active?

Playing basketball.

How do you silence that inner critic?

It may sound corny – but the truth is, the more I believe in myself, have faith in my own abilities, and not fear to be wrong or make a mistake, the quieter my inner critic. For example, starting Promise or Pay has been an incredibly challenging yet rewarding experience. To know that I can take an idea, a simple thought, and make it a reality is a wonderful and encouraging feeling. Promise or Pay’s success so far has been achieved without funding and is a direct result of my commitment, effort and willingness to take risks.

That is not to say I don’t have doubts, I have doubts on daily basis. However, I really believe that these thoughts are just that – thoughts. They aren’t who I am, they are very hard to control and they don’t always have my best interests at heart.

I like to reflect on past experiences and remind myself that every time I have ignored my inner critic good things have resulted. At the very least there is always some lesson to be learnt. It’ll all pass so I really try to just enjoy the ride, one day at a time, whatever I’m doing. If I can’t seem to find the mute button I like to sweat it out. I find strenuous exercise is a great way to shake off tension and shut up that little voice of doubt.

Who is your greatest health inspiration?

My brother. He trains like a monster, eats like a linebacker, and has the heart of a saint. 

Where is your favourite place on earth?

Dharamsala, India.

What quote best sums up your wellness philosophy?

“You only lose what you cling to.” – Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

What is your favourite healthy snack?

Homemade hummus and carrots.

What is next on the cards for you? Your goals and aspirations?

I relaunched a new version of the Promise or Pay website in November 2014 so I’m currently focused on improving the user experience, adding additional content pages, and spreading the word as best I can. My immediate goal is to take advantage of the opportunities provided, to expand on my experience and develop my knowledge and skills. I’m also seriously focused on having a heap of fun along the way. Over the next few months I’ll be involved in a number of social enterprise and business developments programs, including Impact Academy and SSE Change Makers. My vision is to create a platform that inspires people to be the best that they can be, and, at the same time, to encourage and facilitate millions of dollars in donations to charities.

Website: www.promiseorpay.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/promiseorpay

Twitter: @promiseorpay www.twitter.com/promiseorpay

Instagram: www.instagram.com/promiseorpay

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