What’s the Difference Between My Second Book & Online Program?

They go hand in hand.


‘The Program’ by JSHealth is an 8-week online program designed to walk people through the healthy life, taking things step-by-step. The program will hold your hand and guide you to living the healthy life. The 8 weeks cover all the nutrition and lifestyle principles that will heal your body and life, long term.


The 8 week focuses are:

  • Week 1 – The Art of Stressing Less
  • Week 2 – Rest & Respect Your Body – Sleep & Blood Sugar Control
  • Week 3 – Hormones, Healthy Habits & Rituals
  • Week 4 – Heal your Gut & Ditch the Guilt
  • Week 5 – Boost your Energy & Banish Emotional Eating
  • Week 6 – Cleanse your Mind, Body & Life
  • Week 7 – Finding Balance – with Food, Weight & Your Lifestyle
  • Week 8 – How to Live the Healthy Life For Life – Putting it all together


There are four pillars (listed below), and each week hones in on a different topic in relation to each of the four pillars. These topics include how to heal your relationship with food and support for emotional/stress eating, making simple lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress and anxiety, steps to achieve hormonal balance and a thyroid protocol, gut and digestive health, and overall tips on how to achieve glowing skin, thick hair and ultimately reach your balanced, natural weight.



  • Heal Your Body – top nutritional principles and tips on how to heal your body in a holistic way, by teaching you to understand the way your body work
  • Eating with Balance – removing anxiety, fear and stress around eating for a healthier relationship with food
  • Lifestyle – movement, mindset and rituals with balance in mind, to help you put everything into practice
  • Intuitive cooking – fuss-free, quick and delicious recipes and cooking tips


The program contains videos that will teach you HOW to cook quick and wholesome recipes, instead of just giving you the recipes on their own. While there are some recipes in the program, my second book (Living The Healthy Life) is what should be used alongside the program for recipe support/meal ideas – there are 160’s AMAZING and very easy recipes to support your journey.


The second book contains the powerful and in depth content to achieving a healthier life and body – whereas the program will actually practically teach you how to implement my principles. The book is what you can refer to at all times for further explanation.


You can watch the trailer here:





Note: There is a simple 8 week plan in the actual book itself that is a summary of the most important tips from each week – designed to help you implement them into your life with ease. However the online program is really what will guide you from A-Z to living the healthy life. It contains cooking videos, interactive exercises, movement tips, lifestyle videos, personal stories from Jess, lifestyle planners, shopping lists and much more. 

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