What’s your Natural Cycle?

So many of you ask me questions about hormonal balance, particularly those of you who are trying to eat, move and live in a way that’s more in tune with your body.

This week I’ve teamed up with NaturalCycles to review their new app (which you can download onto your phone via the App Store).

The app was designed by husband and wife, Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, who both have PhD’s in physics and have designed an algorithm to help women track their natural cycle in a simple but useful way. It’s been really popular so far – with over 100k downloads in 89 countries around the word since it was launched just over a year ago.


The app is quite unique in that because of the scientific background of its founders, it’s backed by two clinical studies (one published, and one to be published in the near future), making it the world’s only clinically tested fertility app. It also identifies each woman’s unique cycle based on your temperature and personal data entries, as distinct from many other apps which standardise cycles as lasting 28 days (with day 14 as the standard ovulation date).


The idea is that you can keep track of your fertility so that you know when you need to take extra care with your traditional contraceptive method to avoid conception, but it’s also a great way for those of you wanting to identify your own ‘natural cycle’ and monitor how your cravings and energy levels change throughout the month so that you can become a more intuitive eater and mover.


At each stage of our menstrual cycle, our body naturally craves different nutrients and levels of energy. For some of us, it means we have seemingly insatiable cravings for sugar or chocolate – and it can be frustrating if we don’t know why we’re so hungry all of a sudden. If you’re more in tune with your body’s natural cycles, however, it means that you can prepare yourself in advance by stocking your fridge with healthy treats to give you the energy boost your body needs to support itself.

If you’d like to try the app, enter the code JESSICA2NC to receive 50% off your one year subscription and a free thermometer worth $40.

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  • this is actually really cool, never heard of this app and just got some other one recently 🙂



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