Where do I get my inspiration?


As I celebrate more than 2 years of blogging, I’m often asked: where do I get my inspiration? It’s been surprisingly easy to pull inspiration from so many different aspects of my life, both personally and professionally.

  • My mom. She is the best healthy cook I know and her meals have inspired me since I was a little girl. I’ve always enjoyed spending special time with her in the kitchen.
  • My aunties. They are also amazing cooks and advocates of healthy living – they inspire me. I’m grateful to be part of a family that prioritizes this and encourages a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • My excitement to create. I just love making healthy alternatives to not so healthy foods/treats – it honestly makes me so excited. Healthy food can taste delicious and indulgent, and it’s really fun to surprise people who don’t believe it.
  • My yoga practice. I can feel how strongly my creativity and inspiration flows when I practice yoga. I’m able to tune in differently and good things always come of it.
  • My own body messages. I tune into my body and create foods and blog posts as a result of my body’s needs. If I’m feeling the need to rest, for example, or spend some time in the stress free zone, my body lets me know and it only makes sense to blog about what’s going on.
  • My own health journey. Whatever I am going through, I blog about. That’s why I wanted to share some of my struggles over the past few weeks when it came to keeping calm in crazy times and how I cope with competition. It’s also why I love to share all the good things, too, like positive affirmations and the incredible difference they make in my life.
  • My readers. Yes, I’m inspired by you too! I am constantly inspired by the JSHealth community and your passion and commitment for healthy living. You make it exciting and so easy to share and create!
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