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Whiter Teeth With My New Rose Gold Toothbrush

20 December 2017
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A week ago, I received the new Oral-B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Electric and I haven’t stopped raving, truly.


..My husband, Dean has been eyeing me in the bathroom with a little envy! I promised to buy it for him as a Christmikah gift!


Firstly, I just adore the look of my rose gold toothbrush in my bathroom – it totally makes the mundane act of brushing your teeth twice a day feel like a more luxurious and classy experience, legit! I look forward to it! Also, I have noticed my teeth are brighter and whiter in the week of using it.


So, I asked the Oral-B Team to tell me why the new Oral-B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Electric toothbrush is so brilliant…


The brush contains a whitening mode with a dentist-inspired 3D whitening round brush head to achieve whiter teeth from day one. The technology can detect which areas of your mouth are being cleaned via sensors built into the brush, so you never miss a zone, including those areas that are most often overlooked. The whitening round brush head has a polishing cup to help polish away surface stains for a whiter smile!


Tip from me: Meditate while you brush your teeth! I find brushing my teeth to be such a meditative experience which as you know is a big part of my healthy life. I use little everyday moments and rituals as a moment to be present and calm my mind. Next time, focus your mind on the brush strokes on each tooth – it helps train your mind to be present and this is meditation in action!


P.S. This chic and stylish toothbrush is the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season for yourself, friends or fam! I am buying each family member one!

J x








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