Why does a successful life cause people to treat us differently?

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the huge response to a recent social media post and wanted to share on the blog as well.

I’m a little angry. Something I have been feeling and noticing has to be expressed.

Why does a successful and good life cause people to treat us differently?

I’m only writing this because I know many of you out there can relate.

I’ve manifested myself a good life. But it comes with consequences. I’ve noticed success or a good life makes others uncomfortable. People now either treat me way better OR care less about my feelings – because they think I won’t notice or care. Why does my business, success or where I travel have anything to do with the person I am? They separate.

People now associate me with what I do/with my career. Without realising I’m still the exact same person with the same feelings. Sometimes I feel I can’t even tell people amazing parts about my life because I fear it will make them feel inadequate. I try to avoid making them feeling threatened by my life. That’s ridiculous. And I’ve actually decided to have nothing to do with people who can’t celebrate others success and the good in my own life. Because I’m confident in how able I am to be happy for others, always. And supportive of everyone I know. I’ll do anything for anyone. I’m confident in how I always manage to do the right thing.

People think “I have it all” and I’m just a young spoilt girl. No, I’ve worked damn hard on a personal and business level. Damn hard. No one sees the hard work because it happens behind the scenes.

Jealousy makes people mean. I have close people to me who don’t make any effort or show support with my work. They can’t even ask me about my life because it must threaten them or they think I don’t need/notice their support. No, I still have feelings. The same feelings I had before I turned my life around. And I still need support regardless of the numbers on social media. I still have sad, bad and insecure days myself – regardless of how many people follow my Instagram account.

My social media following or book success shouldn’t change how people treat me. People are either over polite or damn rude.

Success gives people a reason to talk behind your back – because it makes their insecurities less painful.

Please let’s remember to never assume anything about anyone. We don’t know what someone is going through. We can’t judge over social media. Social media is such a small snippet of someone’s world.

I promise to never judge or be quick to assume anything or anyone over social media.
And I promise to always support all of you to the best of my ability. And celebrate your success! You can count on me for that! I only write a blog with the intention to support and inspire my community to live the best life. That won’t change. And that’s all I’m here to do.

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  • Abby

    Hi Jessica! I just recently stumbled across your blog and instagram account. I am planning on purchasing your book, too! I am also a young female whose passions are for health and wellness and I made a major switch recently from childcare to nutrition, and will be working towards my degree this year! Looking through some of your blog posts like this one and it is so relate-able. I just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing and do not let anyone’s negativity bring you down! You’re doing great things and helping other people. Thank you for inspiring me and others!

  • CJ

    Hi Jess, you should be proud of your success! It takes guts and perseverance. Your book has really inspired me. Thank you. But be aware that not everyone lives in affluent areas eg Double Bay, and has access to some of the health benefit of living in those areas. I have fairly strong feelings about this. I live in Sydney’s South, and while choosing which café to eat at one day, I found I could buy an egg and bacon roll for $2 or a healthier stir fry for $12. It got me thinking about the difficulties faced by people in lower socioeconomic groups in trying to stay healthy. I just think that as a public blogger and author on nutrition this should be something you take into consideration. Thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement. Please keep it up. CJ

  • Tindall

    I am in complete agreement with this. I am not a celeb or crazy successful but I have also noticed this behaviour in friend circles for little successes one achieves. I honestly don’t have energy for people who feel threatened as that is their inner battle and I will not allow myself to be effected by it. Keep going as you are. Focus on you and individuals who lift you up and are excited when you succeed and reach your goals <3


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