Why I couldn’t fall asleep… And how I fixed it!

Recently, my sleep has been all over the place. I’ve been waking up at 2am every single night and really struggling to fall back asleep – not fun! After doing some research and tuning into my body and mind, I’ve worked out it’s a combination of:

  • My liver working too hard!
  • My blood sugar levels being unbalanced.
  • Increasing my caffeine intake to 2 a day – an afternoon coffee spiking my blood sugar levels.
  • Too many damn thoughts in my mind! Shooting book two is an absolute dream, but it’s been a crazy busy week.
  • Checking social media past 8pm. My rule is usually no emails/phones/social media after dinner – but it’s been difficult with all the busyness at JSHealth HQ!


The bottom line… My body doesn’t feel at ease – I’m holding on to a lot of tension and stress – hard to admit, but true. It’s actually something that so many people struggle with, but so few talk about. So I got to work. How can I help you guys get a better, more restorative sleep?

Some other factors that can cause a broken sleep:

  • Alcohol at night – especially red wine. The preservatives can cause your liver to over work.
  • Eating sugar at night – even fruit can have a negative effect.
  • Caffeine in the afternoon – black tea, green tea or coffee.
  • Not eating enough protein at dinner-time.
  • Too much technology! Phones, social media or emails right before bed.


So what can you do?

  1. My golden rule: Limit caffeine to 1x coffee a day.
  2. Incorporate a high-quality protein into your dinner – it helps encourage a deeper sleep and will keep you feeling satiated so you don’t wake up hungry! A small handful of raw almonds with a spoon of Greek Yoghurt is a great evening snack too.
  3. No phones/computers after 7pm. Go into the JSHealth SFZ if that’s what it takes – you will be so surprised by the difference it can make!
  4. Replace high-intensity exercise with slower, more restful movement. Try Pilates, Yoga or a brisk walk.
  5. Take magnesium – ask your healthcare practitioner about dosage for your individual needs.
  6. Herbal teas!
  7. 10 long deep breathes when you jump into bed. Or place your legs up against the wall for 10 minutes in the evening.


If you still find yourself waking up, instead of lying there feeling helpless (which can cause even more anxiety… trust me, I know) try putting your legs up against the wall, a yoga forward bend or listen to some calming music. Sending love and peaceful nights your way x

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  • Emma

    Thanks so much for this advice Jess! I’m one who always wakes up at random hours during the night and often cannot get back to sleep. It’s so great to read reasons why this could be happening. I have recently gotten back into yoga after a long illness that has affected my mobility for years and it’s been fantastic and I find that doing 20 minute relaxation yoga just before bed is helping immensely!



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