Why I Decided To Write ‘The Program’

This interactive program combines the knowledge I have gained over five years of study, as well as through clinical practice and personal experience. I’m so passionate about spreading the healthy living message, and I wanted to take this further and design a program to guide you through the principles.


There is a major focus on healing your relationship with food. After years of being in practice, I believe this is the next big health concern we are facing. As I always say, you can make all the right healthy choices, but if you don’t have an emotionally healthy relationship with food and your body, you will never look and feel your best. And that is the ultimate goal. So, the program will not only help you to heal your broken relationship with food and your body, but it will also show you how to live a healthy life – forever. There are no extreme measures, just sustainable ones.


If you’re familiar with my work, you may recognise some of the content, as my health philosophy has remained consistent throughout the years. This is because it works. But the difference with this program is that it holds your hand while you make these changes. It’s a practical, step-by-step program that works perfectly alongside my second book, ‘Living the Healthy Life’.


Along with providing informative content, I will guide and support you with interactive exercises, workbook activities, self-care meditations, affirmations and more.


Today is the day to make your best life investment – sign ups start on the 12th of Feb – diarise it!


X Jess

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