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Jess’ Top 4 Tips for Working Out at Home

19 March 2020
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Hi angels,

At such a scary and challenging time, it’s important to look after your health – both physical and mental! I am sending so much love to each and every one of you, and hope that you and your families are staying safe and well. I am currently in self isolation and doing my best to stay positive. I was recently in Kenya, Africa where many villages there do not have access to any medical care. This experience made me realise how fortunate we are. I keep reminding myself of how lucky I am to be isolated in my own home and have access to medical care if needed. As cliche as it sounds, focussing on the positive during this time really does help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious about the current situation. So angels take care of yourselves and your families, stay safe and listen to all the guidelines and advice given by the government. We’re all in this together, and we WILL get through it together!
To help you do so, I’m sharing how I’m staying fit and active from the comfort of my own home!
Here are my top tips:

1. Warm up.

When you work out from home, it’s tempting to skip the warm up and get straight into your session. But angels please, avoid doing this!

Warming up your muscles before diving into a session is so important! Try some dynamic stretching – don’t hold a stretch for long, just move your muscles and warm them up, to prevent injuring yourself during the workout. This only has to take five minutes, but it’s super important for making the most out of your workout, and preventing stress and injury to your body later on!

2. Focus on form.

When you’re working out from home, you don’t have a trainer nearby to correct your form, so it’s super important to focus on activating the mind-muscle connection, and following all the cues from your trainer if you’re following along on an app or online workout. Take the time to research correct form for any movements you’re unsure about, because good form is essential for avoiding injury and maximising your workout!

3. Pick a workout you love!

Now more than ever is the time to choose workouts you love, and ENJOY moving your body in ways that feel amazing!

For me, I love HIIT style workouts, but I also enjoy yoga and Pilates, so I alternate between these styles regularly. You won’t often find me boxing, as it’s just not my favourite type of fitness! Take the time to figure out what movement styles you love, and focus on incorporating them into your daily life at home! You’ll see, your workout will become something you look forward to!

4. Cool down.

Like your warm up, a cool down is essential for a good workout. Your cool down should focus on static stretching, targeting the muscles you used throughout your workout to stretch them out and loosen them up, preventing cramping and injury later! It also helps you recover faster, and relaxes you, bringing your cortisol and adrenaline levels back down!


So angels move your body in ways you love, even when you’re stuck at home, and feel the benefits of exercise – both physically and mentally! Below is the schedule I’m following involving a different workout from the JSHealth App each day, all led by Australia’s top trainers! I’ve mixed it up every day, join me and complete each workout with me! You’ll feel so much better for it!

Sending you all love and hope you’re staying healthy and well,

Jess xx

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