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Your Dreams: Create a Personal Wish List

14 April 2016
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I always encourage my readers to DREAM BIG! You are worth the BEST LIFE! You have to know you are worth it.

Don’t worry about dreaming too big or wishing for something you think is unrealistic or too materialistic. We always feel worried about judgment from others and we don’t think we are deserving of dreaming big. For me personally, sometimes I catch myself dumbing down my dreams to avoid intimidating or threatening someone. I don’t want to live like this anymore – I have big dreams and with the power of my mind, I will create them.

I thought I would share my dreams because I believe in the power of putting them out there and to be able to look back one day at this post and tick off a good number of the below list.

  • To make JSHealth as big as I can – to inspire as many people as I can to live a healthier life. I have a dream project on its way that I hope is a success.
  • To continue writing health books and LOVE my work.
  • To create a JSHealth office in the next few months with a team I love working with and to have a CEO running it – I know exactly who that will be.
  • To live a very healthy, long life with Dean and our future family.
  • To create a very healthy family with Dean – 2 or 3 healthy kidlets, we hope for.
  • To stay connected and close with my gorgeous family, always.
  • To own a home in Vaucluse, Sydney with Dean.
  • To be able to travel always and often.
  • To be able to spend some time living in California and to own a home, perhaps in Bel Air.
  • I dream, dream, dream to own a holiday house in Palm Beach, Australia. It’s been a long time dream to share with my extended family and go up every weekend.
  • To take my entire extended family away on a surprise getaway trip to Bora Bora or to Necker Island one day – perhaps for my 30th birthday.
  • To wake up every day feeling fulfilled and satisfied in my personal life and career.

I want to propose a challenge to you, my readers. This is one that I have done myself and truly believe it impacts your health and happiness:

Write a list of goals and dreams and stick it on a wall or fridge to look at every day. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Don’t judge others for dreaming big either. The mind is powerful! Believe you are worthy. Everyone is worthy of a good life.


2 thoughts on “Your Dreams: Create a Personal Wish List

  1. Dreaming is wonderful and to me it’s not about material things or money I do practice gratitude often. My dreams are really just to live a long and healthy live with my gorgeous husband. We are building our dream home by the beach in far north Qld, surrounded by peace and tranquility and I”m opening my own business. I’m fortunate to have my hubby with me all the time as he works from home, really life can’t get any better for me, I’m living the dream as far as I’m concerned.

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