4 Sweet Treats I Enjoy After Dinner

Sweet Treats

A lot of people say to me “Jess, I can’t help my after dinner sweet tooth”. Welcome to the club!

We all have nights where we crave something sweet after dinner. These days, I prefer to indulge in something healthier to avoid the sugar hangover the next day. Refined sugar also effects my sleep and mood. Below are some really nutritious and refined sugar free treats I personally love to enjoy after dinnertime.

I recommend enjoying these healthy sweet treats about 2-3x/week.

Here are 4 sweet treats I’ve been loving at the moment:

Salted Cacao & Almond Butter Fudge (pictured above)
Making my almond butter fudge for family and friends always brings me joy. The best thing about this treat is that anyone can make it; no fancy baking skills required. Find the recipe here.

2-3 Squares Dark Chocolate with Almond Butter and Sea Salt
Don’t feel like baking? This simple treat is for you! Place 2-3 squares of your favourite dark chocolate on a plate. Add a dollop of almond butter on top of each square and a sprinkle of sea salt. Divine with a cup of tea!

Sweet Treats

Tahini Swirl Brownies
Tahini plus chocolate is a match made in heaven. I love whipping up a batch of these because they take no time to prepare. Find the recipe here.

Greek Yoghurt with Berries & Cinnamon
This one is a staple for me. I love the creaminess of Greek yoghurt, the sweet burst of berries and the subtle spice of cinnamon. No recipe needed!

You can find plenty more delicious, quick and easy treat ideas in the JSHealth App. You can download the app on iTunes for less than $3 a week.

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