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10 Cooking Staples I Always Have On Hand

01 March 2019
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Cooking Staples

I find that having my go-to cooking staples and essentials on hand makes a drastic difference to my motivation to cook. It also saves me so much time and means my meals are always bursting with flavour!

I usually have these ingredients laid out near my stove or on my kitchen bench. I highly recommend doing the same.

These are my 10 cooking staples to provide you with some inspiration:

Chilli flakes
A little spice makes everything nice! I love topping my meals with a pinch of chilli flakes to add an extra punch of flavour.

When it comes to cooking, we are always looking for a balance between core flavour profiles. Fresh lemon juice has an acidic flavour which is one of the key elements. I use lemon juice to make a simple dressing and add some freshness to my meals. I also like to use the whole fruit by zesting the lemon and using the zest as a garnish on my salad, to make my Lemon & Herb Chicken or on top of my morning porridge. Yum!

Garlic always lifts a meal to the next level. I love to sauté my vegetables in some freshly crushed or sliced garlic. Simple and delicious.

Curry powder
I am obsessed with anything curry. I add curry powder to my cauliflower rice, use it to make a quick and easy curry with coconut milk or sprinkle it over my vegetables before roasting.

Anyone who follows me knows I love tahini. Personally I use hulled tahini as it is extra creamy but if you are looking to increase your calcium intake, opt for unhulled tahini.

Extra virgin olive oil
When it comes to cooking oils, extra virgin olive oil is my go-to. It is not only incredibly nutritious but has a beautiful flavour profile.

Dijon mustard
My family and friends laugh at me because I love to add a big dollop of Dijon mustard to my salads. It’s creamy, tangy and something I always have on hand.

This is my favourite ingredient when it comes to marinating. It’s the star ingredient in my Japanese salmon marinade and also my satay sauce. Find my marinade recipe here.

Sesame seeds
A sprinkle of sesame seeds on top of a nourish bowl, sautéed vegetables or roasted vegetables not only looks beautiful but adds a nutty flavour that I adore.

Sea salt
The addition of salt to a meal adds depth and also enhances the natural flavours. I use sea salt which has a stronger flavour which means you need to use less.

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