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My Travel Snack Pack & What To Avoid on Planes

08 September 2017
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I am so excited to be in warm, magical Europe. I am travelling around a lot while I am here and healthy snacks are getting me through!

As someone who is health conscious, I aim to make healthy choices wherever possible because it makes me FEEL GOOD. Sometimes it is so hard to find healthy options in new places so I ensure I am well prepared for these situations. It can cause a lot of stress and anxiety when you do not have access to healthy food on planes and in airports. You guys know I am a big believer in being FLEXIBLE with food and sometimes you just need to be ok with eating an imperfect meal/snack. Your body can handle it. But you also just want to feel good wherever you are. Bringing healthy snacks with you when you travel can help so much and bring peace of mind and I love getting off the plane feeling GOOD as opposed to bloated and dehydrated.

I spend an hour or so the day before I travel prepping some healthy snacks. Here is my ultimate snack pack:

  • Raw almonds
  • 85% dark chocolate
  • JSHealth Sugar-Free Protein Balls 
  • Green apples
  • Healthy breakfast bar or muesli bar – from my books
  • Rice cakes with an avocado
  • A healthy bar – A Blue Dinosaur bar or I like to make my own protein bars (From Book 1)
  • Seaweed chips – found at most health food stores
  • Flaxseed/brown rice crackers – found at most health food stores
  • Kale chips – also found at most health food stores
  • Leftovers – I usually take a bowl of veggies and protein from dinner the night before for lunch/dinner on the plane. Alternatively some airports now have salad bars that you can purchase for the plane


Pre Flight: I usually take the JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie with me in a flask and drink it at the airport for breakfast.

Best choices on the plane:

  • Stick to the grilled protein (chicken/fish/beef) option with the veggies/rice
  • Avoid the pasta/potato dishes
  • Enjoy the side salad – but avoid the dressing – ask for olive oil and lemon juice instead
  • Avoid the ice-creams they pass around and enjoy one of your snacks (above) instead
  • Avoid the bread roll and dessert on the plate – instead have some dark chocolate
  • You could use the cheese they give you and pair it up with some flaxseed/brown rice crackers – (if the cheese is protein rich and satiating)
  • Avoid the juices/sodas/cordials and enjoy sparkling water with lemon/herbal tea.
  • Avoid alcohol on the plane – my biggest rule! It can really make you feel awful when you land!


Happy travels!

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