10 Healthy Swaps Your Body Will Love

healthy swaps

I lovvveeeeeeee making healthier versions of our favourite indulgences. The healthier versions can really hit the spot!

I am a lover of wine, gelato and pasta in particular. I absolutely still treat myself to these foods but I find the healthy versions make me feel so good.

When you start to embrace the healthy life, your tastebuds adapt, and you’ll begin craving the healthier options that don’t contain refined sugar. For example, these days I crave banana nice-cream, healthy brownies and bliss balls more than the not-so-healthy treats. But then absolutely give yourself permission to treat yourself to the ‘unhealthier’ options too. Everything in moderation. Your body loves it.

Here are some of my favourite healthy swaps:

Pizza – Cauliflower pizza with pesto, broccoli and parmesan. Find some of my favourite pizza topping combinations here.

Pasta – Zoodles with Bolognese or my Chicken, Broccoli & Pesto Pasta. There are so many amazing pasta options out there. I love mung bean pasta, pulse pasta, quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta or black bean pasta. If you tolerate gluten, wholemeal and spelt pasta varieties are also good options.

Chocolate – JSHealth DIY Chocolate

Hot chocolate – warm almond milk with cacao, cinnamon and stevia/honey. Find my simple recipe here.

Brownies –My Chocolate, Raspberry & Peanut Butter Brownies are divine.

Gelato – Nice-cream! Frozen bananas blended until smooth and creamy. So simple and you can add whatever flavours you please. Fancy a peanut butter version? Or how about salted caramel nice-cream?

Popcorn – natural popcorn. There are so many great natural popcorn varieties stocked in local supermarkets these days.

Alcohol/Wine – Organic red wine or gin/vodka/tequila with fresh lemon, lime, cucumber slices and soda.

Cookies – JSHealth Choc Chip Cookies. These cookies are gluten-free and vegan.

Chips and dip – Kale chips, seed crackers and home-made dips are all yummy and nutritious options.


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